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We Will Help You to Know How to Choose the Right Life Partner As a Single Person, How to Have a Happier Marriage As a Married Person and Know the Best Next Move to Make If You’re Separated, Divorced, or Widowed, and How to Help Your Children as a Parent and Members as a Cleric to Have a Happy and Successful Marriage, and Not a Weeping and Regretful Marriage.



Our Purpose in Happy Marriage Institute Is to Help People Have a Happy and Successful Relationship and Marriage Everywhere Around the World.

We Exist to Help You to Know All You Need to Know and Do All You Need to Do That Will Make You Have the Kind of Happiness You Want in Your Relationship and Marriage and Make Your Marriage a Successful One. 

It Is Possible, and If You Will Allow Us to Work With You, It Will Happen for You. 

Irrespective of Your Current State or the Current Situation in Your Life, Relationship or Marriage, You Will Have a Happy Marriage – If You Allow Us to Work With You and You Follow Our Instructions and Recommendations.


The Vision of Happy Marriage Institute Is to Help People Have a Happy and Successful Marriage By Training the Singles on How to Choose the Right Life Partners and the Marrieds on How to Have a Happier Marriage.



We Focus Basically on Two Sets of People in the World: Single Persons and Married People. 

We Teach and Train Singles on How to Choose the Right Life Partner That Will Help Them to Have the Kind of Marriage They Desire, a Happy Marriage and Not a Weeping Marriage. Helping Singles Know Who Is Best for Them for the Kind of Marriage They Want, Knowing How to Discover, Choose and Marry Such Persons Is Our Job.

We Teach and Train Married People on How to Make Their Marriages Better By Making Their Spouses Happier. This Happens Faster and Easier When They Study and Understand Their Spouses and Do More of What Makes Them Happy and Less of What Makes Them Angry. Helping Married People Know How to Do This and Making Them Do It Is What We Do.


We Target Seven Sets of People in the World That Have Something to Do With Marriage. Our Targets Are the Singles, Marrieds, Separated, Divorced, Widowed, Parents and Clerics.

We Don’t Only Teach and Train Married People and Those Planning to Get Married, We Also Teach and Train People That Have Something to Do With Married People and Marriages.

This Includes Those Who Have Been Married Before and Could Be Thinking of Getting Married Again and Those Who Have Influence on the Marital Decisions of Single Persons and the Marital Conditions of Married People.

These Are the Separated; Divorced; Widowed; Parents Who Have Either Single or Married Children; and Clerics Who Have Single, Married and Other Categories of Members.


We Operate Very Effective and Efficient Systems That Help Our Clients Get the Best Results and Achieve Their Relationship and Marital Dreams.

Our Working with You Will Surely Help You Choose the Right Person to Marry and Help You Have a Happier Marriage, If You Follow Our Instructions and Recommendations.

We Operate Through Five Systems and the One Used for Individual Clients Is Determined By the Client’s Needs, Desires and Situations.


We Operate The Following Systems:


Here We Help People By Giving Them Series of Teachings That Help Them Know What They Need to Know.

Knowledge Is Powerful and the Best Knowledge Are Imparted through Teachings. The Reason Why a Lot of Singles Are in a Wrong, Unhappy or Confused Relationship and Why Many Married People Are Not Enjoying Their Marriages Is Because They Lack the Right Knowledge or Have Grown Up with the Wrong Teachings. 

Under Our Teaching System, We Give You the Knowledge You Need through a Series of Teachings That Will Open Your Eyes to the Truth and Certain Realities about Relationship and Marriage, Which Will Enable You to Make the Best Decisions That Will Help Your Relationship and Marriage. We Tell You What You Need to Know, and You Do What You Like With It.


Here We Train People By Helping Them to Both Get the Knowledge They Need and Also Take the Actions They Must, in Order to Receive Their Desired Results

Under Our Training System We Take You Through a Learning and Practise Process That Will Help You Get What You Want. We Impart Knowledge and Instruct Actions That Will Bring You Your Desired Results in Your Relationship and Marriage. 

Our Training System Focuses on Two Things: Learning and Practise, in Order Words, Knowledge and Actions in the Direction of What You Want. We Tell You What to Do, Tell You How to Do Them, and Give You Assignments and Instructions That Ensure You Do Them. 

Our Training System Walks You through a Step-by-Step Approach to Getting What You Want in Your Relationship and Marital Life. We Give You the Right Knowledge You Need and Tell You the Right Actions to Take That Will Bring You the Right Results You Want.


Here We Have One-on-One Interactive Sessions With You for a Specified Period of Time During Which We Ask You Series of Questions to Understand Your Situations, Discover the Problems, Understand the Effects, Discover the Causes, and Determine the Solutions. 

Under Our Consultation System We Do a Thorough Analysis of Your Situation and Give You Recommendations That Will Give You the Needed Solution to That Situation and Deliver to You the Desired Results.

Our Consultation Systems Will Help You, As We Work with You, to By Yourself Discover the Reason for Your Situation, the Problem Where There Is One, the Effects of That Problem, and You Will Discover the Solution As We Work with You. We Then Give You Recommendations That Will Practically Solve the Problem, Remove the Effects, Stop the Causes and Give You Your Desires. 

With Our Consultation System, We Have Helped Many Singles and Married People from Different Nations Get Answers to Their Questions and Solutions to Their Problems. We Will Help You Too With It.


Here We Organise Series of Activities Specifically Arranged to Help Certain Persons and Meet Certain Needs That Will Bring Specific Results to the Relationships and Marriages of the Participants.

We Have Both Personal and General Programmes and We Also Have Specific Programmes for Specific Cases. 

Our Personal Programmes Are Special Activities Arranged for Individuals in Private That Help Them Get What They Want in Their Relationships and Marriages. Here We Work With You for an Agreed Period of Time Under Specific Conditions Towards Having the Kind of Relationship or Marriage You Desire, Solving a Particular Problem or Answering Certain Questions You Have. These Programmes Could Last for Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months or Years Depending on the Need and Terms of Our Contract with You.

Our General Programmes Are Activities Arranged for Certain Groups of People to Meet Certain Relationships and Marital Needs They Have. Here We Could Have Programmes for Single Persons Only, Married People Only, Both Singles and Married People Jointly, a Single Couple Only (Two People Not Married Who Are in a Relationship or Intending to Enter a Relationship or Marriage with Each Other), or a Married Couple Only.

We Could Also Have Specific Programmes for Separated, Widowed or Divorced Persons Only, or for Parents Only or Clerics Only on How to Help and Guide Their Children and Members to Choose the Right Life Partners and Manage Their Marriages.We Could Also Have General or Specific Programmes for a Group of People Somewhere Such as in a Church, Mosque, Company, Family, Community or an Organisation, Institution, or a Government. This Kind of General Programmes Could Be for Single Persons Only, Married People Only or a Join Session of Both Singles and Married People. We Could Also Have Programmes for Special Persons or Groups of Dignitaries in a Particular Society, Community, Institution or Government.

Under Our General Programmes We Also Have Specific Gender Programmes Which Could Be for Single Ladies Only, Single Young Men Only, Married Women Only and Married Men Only. We Have Specific Teachings and Training Systems That Cater for These Also.

Our Certificates


Here We Set a Specific Objective and Set Aside a Specific Period During Which We Pursue the Objectives and Achieve Them, to the Benefits of Specific Individuals, Groups of People, Organisations, Communities, Nations or Continents Regarding The Relationships and Current or Future Marriages of the Specified Targets.

Examples of Such Projects Are Happy Marriage Africa Project, Happy Marriage Universe Project, Helping the Rape Victims Projects, Marriage Training for Singles Projects, Books Distributions Projects etc.

Our Projects Are Targeted Towards Specific Needs, Specific People, Specific Places, Specific Genders or Specific Groups. We Could Also Embark on Research Projects Whether for Individuals, Families, Organisations, Institutions, Governments, Nations and Continents That Focus on Relationships and Marriages, Towards Making Certain Discoveries or Meeting Certain Needs.



When We Work With You or You Get Involved in Our Systems, Whether for Yourself, Your People or Other Persons, You Will Truly Be Glad for It Because You Will Get a Result That Will Help You or Help Them to Choose the Right Life Partner, Have a Happier Marriage or Know How to Help Others to Do So.

Your Participation in Our System or Involvement with Us Based on Your Desires and Our Agreements with You Will Greatly Help You If You Belong to Any of Our Seven Targets.

As a Single Person, It Will Help You to Know Whom to Choose for Marriage That Will Make You Have a Happy and Fulfilled Life and Future and You Will Know Whether the Person You Are Currently in a Relationship With Is the Right or Wrong Person for You.

As a Married Person, It Will Help You to Know What to Do and Not Do to Have a Happy or Happier Marriage, How to Better Understand Your Husband or Wife and What to Start and Stop in Order to Better Enjoy Your Marriage With Him or Her.

As a Separated Person, It Will Help You to Know Whether to Reunite with Your Spouse or Move on in Life to Someone Else and You Will Also Discover the Mistakes You Made Earlier, Where You Made Them and How to Prevent Repeating Such Mistakes.

As a Divorced Person, It Will Help You to Know Whether to Remarry the Person You Divorced, Marry Someone Else or Not Marry Again. You Will Also Discover the Mistakes You Made in Your First or Previous Marriage and How to Correct Them in Your Life or Your Next Marriage As Well As Help Others Not to Make Similar Mistakes.

As a Widowed Person, It Will Help You to Know Whether to Remarry or Stay Alone, Whom to Best Choose for Remarriage If You're Remarrying and How to Help Your Children to Choose the Best Partners and Have a Happier Marriage Than You Had.

As a Parent, It Will Help You to Know How to Help Guide Your Children on How to Choose the Right Life Partners That Is Suitable for the Kind of Happy and Successful Marriage of Their Desire, So That You Will Be Happy for Them and Not Weep with Them or over Them When They Get Married Because of the Kind of Person They Marry.

As a Cleric, or a Teacher, Mentor or Religious Leader, It Will Help You to Know How to Teach Your People What to Look Out for While Searching for and Choosing a Life Partner and What More to Teach Your Married Members That Will Help Them to Enjoy and Manage Their Marriages So You Would Have Lesser Headaches and Not Use All Your Precious Time Settling Quarrels Between Couples.